• One of the best Word repair software to repair .doc files and .docx files on Microsoft Windows
  • Enables you to fix corrupted or damaged Word files (.doc, .docx)
  • Supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 server, Windows 7 and Windows 2008 operating system
  • Repair MS Word document text along with its formatting, hyperlinks, tables, charts, OLE objects etc.

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Is it possible to repair MS Word document?

Doc and Docx data format are employed in Microsoft Word to save documents. MS Word will be the application comes in the package with Microsoft Office. Word will be the most frequently used application featuring its innumerable features. Word is simply useful for the documentation purposes. These Word files hold all your text data within it. Word provides numerous special features like fonts, page, layout, alignments, mailings etc. which helps us to produce our file attractive as well as simple to learn. But sometimes you found them to be corrupted or inaccessible; you don’t need to give up on them just yet. You can easily repair a Word document corrupted or damaged by using Word Repair utility. This repair program provides a perfect answer on how to repair Word documents and can efficiently perform Word document repair to fix Word document and recover all the data from it.

The Word Repair Utility is highly compatible with all well-known operating system of Microsoft Windows such as Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 server, Windows 7 and Windows 2008. This tool works efficiently with Microsoft Office 2000 or above version and can easily fix Word 2007 which is severely damaged or badly corrupted. This software has the powerful repair process which helps to fix the corruption issue within a few minutes. Moreover, this product is completely Malware, Spyware and Virus free which helps to protect your source file from getting damaged.

There are numerous reasons for the corruption with the Word files, in the event you avoid these critical reasons you are able to prevent your Word file from corruption. Let’s look over on some data loss scenarios that are in charge of the term file corruption, some corruption causing scenarios are mentioned below:

  • Occurrence of errors: There are chances of occurrence of error messages such as “Microsoft Office Word has stopped working”, “Document name or path is invalid” etc. while trying to open the Word (.doc, .docx) files. These are due to corruption of Word files and resulting in loss of important data.
  • Virus Attack: Using macro program in word file made macro virus to hinder it and these viruses overwritten all the files with garbage value, which ends up corruption. If you are wonderin about how to repair Word documents, then you can use this repair software.
  • Sudden Shut down: Many users shut down their systems suddenly, while an application is still running or working on their desktop or shut down due to sudden power failure. This may result in corruption of Word files and you will be unable to view Word files.
    Sometimes system starts reboots suddenly is another reason behind the corruption of files.
  • Downloading files: Word file downloaded from online may get corrupt because of virus attack or error in downloading process. However, by using our repair tool, you can repair MS Word document easily and quickly with most accuracy.

To prevent these data loss scenarios and to prevent Word document from corruption we have got to follow some fundamental precaution. Small effort prevents from huge loss of data, so keep to the precaution given below:

  • Use antivirus program in your system to prevent it from virus or malware attack.
  • Use strong power source to stop sudden power and power failure.
  • Maintain a backup of your respective entire important Word document, and store it in some reliable storage medium.
  • Before connecting any other external drive to your system, first scan it to avoid virus attack on system.

Key Features of Word Document Repair are:

  • All corrupted or damaged .doc / .docx Word files can be fixed without any difficulty.
  • repair a Word document that will not open or inaccessible which fails to open due any unknown reasons.
  • Repair not just the document text but also the text formatting, tables, charts, hyperlinks, OLE objects etc.
  • Quickly scans the selected .doc and .docx files and repairs them easily.
  • Supports all Microsoft Office Word versions above Office 2000.
  • It solves all your queries on how to repair Word documents and facilitates you with instant preview of a fixed Word files.


Recent Update:

Word DOCX Repair Tool: If you are looking for an effective and secure way to repair your DOCX file then go for word DOCX repair tool to fix your corrupt DOCX file. For further information refer this link: http://www.worddocumentrepair.net/docx.html

Repair Error Opening File: Worried how to fix error opening word files? Then leave your worries aside as by Word repair tool you can even repair such Word files which display error message while opening. Refer this page for more information: http://www.worddocumentrepair.net/error-while-opening-file.html

How does Word Document Repair works?

This software uses an automated process to repair MS Word document.

Step 1: Download and install free demo version of Word document fix software and launch it by clicking the desktop icon. As soon as the software starts running, main window will pop up. Once you see the main window, you need to upload your .doc or .docx file from its location where it has been stored. For this purpose you need to click on “BROWSE” button. As soon as you click on browse button, your file gets uploaded automatically. Once it gets uploaded, you need to click on “REPAIR” button.

Word Document Repair - Main screen

Step 2: Once your file get repaired, you can preview your repaired file in a separate window by clicking “Click here to preview” option.

Word Document Repair - Preview the repaired document

Step 3: Click on “BROWSE” button to save your repaired file to a specified location.

Word Document Repair - Save in a specified location