How to fix inaccessible .doc files?

Microsoft Word is the word processor tool, designed and developed by Microsoft that comes as a standalone application and also included within Microsoft Office suite. The latest version of Microsoft Word for Windows is 2010 and for Mac is 2011. MS Word saves all the Word documents in .doc file format in earlier versions and .docx file format in 2007 and later versions. MS Word provides enhanced features like hyperlink to a web page, embedding macros, creating designs, spelling and grammar check, etc. Word files are widely used by students for preparing reports for projects, assignments, etc. and various other organizations to store their digital information in order to avoid the complexities of maintaining it on the papers.

MS Word is useful word processing software, but like any other program is vulnerable to corruption or damage. Virus infection, unexpected system shutdown, application malfunction are few of the factors responsible for a document corruption in MS Word. After Word document corruption, you may often come across an error message. As a result of corruption in the Word document, the data becomes inaccessible, which may further create data loss scenarios. One has to repair corrupted files in order to view the files. The solution for repairing Word files is using third party software like DOC file repair tool that can repair Word document that are corrupted. This software helps to repair all Microsoft Office versions above Office 2000. So if your Word file is corrupted / damaged then you can use this software.

Common scenarios for corruption of Word files are listed below and briefed:

  • Error messages: There are chances of occurrence of error messages such as "The document name or path is not valid. Try these suggestions. Check the file permissions for the document or drive. Use the File Open dialog box to locate the document”, "Word cannot open the document”, "Word cannot open the document: user does not have access privileges”. These are due to corruption of .doc files and resulting in loss of important data.
  • Sudden system shutdown: Sometimes users shut down their systems suddenly, while an application is still running or working on their desktop. This may result in corruption of .doc files.
  • Macro virus: This is similar to a conventional computer virus and gets into the document, when you embed any macro into your document.

In order to avoid such data loss scenarios it is always recommended to take regular back up of all important Word files in an external storage device such as USB drive, pen drive, external hard drive, etc. It is safer to use powerful anti-virus software in order to minimize the chances of corruption.

If you do not have back up and the Word files get corrupted or file is not open, there is nothing much to worry. It can be repaired using Word repair software that is available to repair a Microsoft Word document that will not open. It is the best software for repairing Word files and does not overwrite the original damaged doc files while repairing it. It quickly scans doc. files which are to be repaired. It offers an option to preview the recovered Word files just before actual restoration. You can download the free demo version of the Word repair software and view the recovery results of Word files. If you are well satisfied with its performance, you can buy the licensed version of the software and save the recovered Word files.

Some basic features of DOC file repair tool are as follows:

  • Easy to use and powerful Word repair tool to execute MS Word 2007 repair that are corrupted or damaged in few easy steps.
  • Quickly scans the selected .doc file and repairs them easily.
  • Recovers embedded images, bullet lists, hyperlinks, fields, charts, tables from the repaired documents.
  • Original corrupt Word document remains intact i.e. it reads the corrupted file and creates new Microsoft Word file to ensure safety of original Word document. So this software helps to repair corrupted Word document.
  • Once the Word document repair process is finished, lost data that has been recovered from corrupt Word file can be previewed using preview option.

Steps to repair .doc files are as follows:

Step 1: Download and install free demo version of .doc file repair software on your computer, run the downloaded executable file for installing the software. Now open the software by double clicking on desktop shortcut. On home page, click on “BROWSE” for select the corrupted doc. Word file. Finally, click on “REPAIR” to start the file repairing procedure.

Word Document Repair - Main screen

Step 2: Preview the repaired Word document and save it to any of your desired storage location.

Word Document Repair - Save in a specified location