Optimum Way to Repair Word DOCX File

Microsoft Word is a superb document creating and editing application. It is most commonly used in business, schools and at home. This application facilitates users with many advance text tools like bulleting / mailing /page layout etc which makes working on this application very easier. Nevertheless even these DOCX file get corrupt / damaged due to many unforeseen reasons. Let’s consider a scenario where in you spent a whole week writing an important thesis, and on the day of submission when you try to open that DOCX file it display an error message saying that the document is severely corrupt. What will you do if this kind of bad luck happens to you? Don’t get disappointed, because there is a way to fix this corrupt DOCX file and the best way is with the help of Word document repair software.

What are basic factors which bring DOCX file corruption?

There are uncountable reasons behind DOCX file corruption among them most common one is macro virus infection on Word file. Macro viruses are similar to the other computer viruses but it mainly infects Word document files, it infects the Word file with macro program and makes it inaccessible. At this critical situation, you need the help of Word document repair tool to fix your inaccessible DOCX file corrupted due to macro viruses. This tool repairs your DOCX file without bothering the reason behind Word corruption.

Improper system termination due to sudden power supply, also leads to DOCX file corruption. While editing Word file if your system shut down improperly, then this leads to severe corruption / damage to Word documents file. If you got stuck in such situation then immediately go for Word document repair tool to mend corrupted DOCX file.

Another main reason for Word file corruption is repeated round tripping of document file. Whenever a user wants to see his word document in different formats, he / she continuously change the Word file from one format to another. This process is called round tripping, and repeated round tripping results in Word file corruption. At such situation, you can use Word repair tool to repair word file.

Is there is any way to avoid these corruption causing scenarios?

Apart from the above mentioned corruption scenarios, there are many more scenarios. However there are some precautions measures which can protect your DOCX file from being damaged such as maintaining suitable backup of your important Word file in order to compensate for data loss, using upgraded version of MS Word applications so that the older version files can be opened on it, UPS device should be installed so that abrupt system shutdown can be avoided. After following these safety measures if you are still experiencing DOCX file corruption problem then choose Word document repair tool to repair corrupted Word DOCX file.

Why word document repair tool is better than other document repair tool?

Word document repair tool is the most powerful tool available in market to fix DOCX file. This tool is designed by professionals who have tons of experience in repairing corrupt Word documents. With the help of this wonderful application user can repair Word file on all major versions of Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Windows Server 2008 and 2008. If you want to estimate the performance of the software, then it is suggested to download the trial version first, and if satisfied then you can buy its licensed version. It even allows the users to fix out the error occurred while opening the word file. Want to know how? Then read this page: www.worddocumentrepair.net/error-while-opening-file.html

Follow the steps to fix Word 2007 are as follows:

Step 1: Download and install free demo version of Word document repair tool.  Launch the software and then click on “BROWSE” and select your corrupted .docx file

Word DOCX Repair Tool - Main screen

Figure 1: Main screen

Step 2: Preview the repaired .docx file. Evaluate the recovery results in the preview browser once scanning is over.

Word DOCX Repair Tool - Preview the repaired file

Figure 2: Preview the repaired file

Step 3: After this browse the location to save your repair word file.

Word DOCX Repair Tool - Save repaired file

Figure 3: Save repaired file