How to Fix Error While Opening Word File?


Is your Word document file giving error message such as, “The Office file xxxx.docx cannot be opened because there are problems with the content"? Are you looking for a relevant tool to repair that Word file error opening file? Then your hunt ends here. Usually you get such kind of error messages when you are trying to open a severely corrupt / damaged Word file. However no matter whats the reason behind Word file corruption, with the help of word document repair tool you can fix error while opening Word file in minutes, if there was an error while opening file in Microsoft Word . With this tool you can successfully repair your Word document along with its text and additional content. Word document repair tool is the most effective and efficient method to repair corrupt Word file not opening errors. Before, we move towards Word file repair process let’s discuss some real-time scenarios due to which Word document file fails to open.

One of the most redundantly occurring Word corruption scenarios is macro virus infection. Macro viruses are similar to other computer viruses but it mainly infects your Word file present on your system. These viruses infect your Word files in case you download any macro programs to your computer. These deadly viruses make your Word file corrupt after which your Word file starts displaying many error messages. To get over from this critical situation, use Word document repair application.

Abrupt system termination due to sudden power failure is another major reason for Word file corruption and opening file error. Let’s assume a scenario, where while editing a Word file your system suddenly turns off. After a while when you restart your system and check out the word file, you find that your Word file denying to open, in order to open such corrupt word file make use Word document repair application. So, in the event there was an error while opening Word file, this tool makes Word repair process as easy as 1-2-3.

Storing Word files on damaged storage media also results in Word file corruption, i.e. if you are copying Word file from a damaged external storage drive then the file fails to open resulting in Word file corruption. At such circumstances Word document repair is the most relevant option to repair Word file error opening file just within few simple clicks of your mouse.

Rather than this sharing Word file on public network, compressing Word file beyond some limit, Word file header corruption are some of the other reasons which results in the above mentioned error message. But by making use of Word document repair software you can fix a corrupt Word file, irrespective of its corruption causing reasons. The program first scans and extracts all the information from the damaged Word file not opening and generates a new healthy fresh copy of Word file.

With Word document repair tool you can easily tackle all the Word file errors within very less span of time. Using this tool you can fix large sized Word file. This tool even repairs password protected Word files with utmost ease. Thus, this repair utility is the perfect answer for the questions of "How do I repair error while opening Word file", "How to mend Word file error opening file", etc. The software has the ability to repair corrupt or inaccessible DOC and DOCX Word files along with its content like formatting, hyperlinks, tables, charts, OLE objects etc. This tool is recommended by experts to fix word file as it has high success rate. Visit here to know more:


Simple steps to fix Word file not opening error:

Step 1: Download and install free demo version of Word document repair tool.  Launch the software and then click on “BROWSE” and select your corrupted Word file to mend Word file error opening file as shown in Figure 1.

Error While Opening Word File - Main Screen

Figure1: Main Screen

Step 2: Preview the repaired Word file. Evaluate the recovery results in the preview browser once scanning is over.

Error While Opening Word File - Preview Repaired File

Figure2: Preview Repaired File

Step3: Follow the next window in order to save your repair Word file in desired location.

Error While Opening Word File - Save Repaired File

Figure3: Save Repaired File