Repair MS Word 2007

DOCX is a default format of new Microsoft Word 2007 text editor to save a Word file. The earlier Word file was saved with the extension of .doc. The ‘x’ attached to the new format signifies an XML on which it is based. DOCX has been designed with XML structure and uses ZIP compression technique to reduce the size of the Word file. There are some benefits of using this XML technology.

The .docx file is actually enclosed with different types of objects like style, layouts, fonts, templates, page layouts and a lot more in the form of parts or folders and you can easily change the style in your file. You can open these .docx files by using Office 2007 and Word applications. Although, Microsoft Word has many exclusive features, corruption is the main problem that causes data loss. Do not worry, because MS Word 2007 Repair Tool can fix Micorosft Word document that are severely corrupted or damaged. The software can safely repair Word file, which is corrupted due to macro virus attack, power failures, abrupt system shutdown etc. MS Word 2007 Repair Tool repairs MS Word file then recovers contents from it. The recovered contents are stored in new Word file to ensure safety of original file.

Common data loss scenarios faced in Microsoft Word 2007are as follows:

  • Editing contents of Word file on Removable Media causes Word file corruption:Generally, when you open Word 2007, it creates and uses temporary files. Among those files, many temporary files end up in the same folder where the original Word file is being edited. Temporary files are frequently being opened as you edit the original Word file, which may sometime exceed the size of removable media like floppy disk, CD’s etc. Once the Word file runs out of your removable disk storage space, your Word files may get corrupted.
  • Word file corruption due to Macro virus:A Macro Virus is a computer program that generally infects the header section of Word files. When you open infected Word files, it executes the virus commands that are present on header of the Word file. These virus commands may change the current font or font style, can insert unwanted text, and can also infect other Word files that are stored in your system resulting in corrupted Word 2007 documents.
  • Removing removable disk without closing Word file causes Word file corruption: If you have not closed Word 2007 files properly and ejected the removable disk where those files are stored, then those documents may get corrupted. Generally, MS Word does not reassemble the file until and unless it has been fully closed.
  • Word files corruption due to sudden power failures:Sudden power failure is the common reason that may result in Word file corruption. Turning off the computer without closing the Word document may also result in Word file corruption.

You should always take some precautions while working on your workstation. Try to take regular backups of your important .docx files to an external USB drive. It can be used in case of damage to the .docx file on your system, due to any unavoidable situation.

Make sure your workstation is virus free and has updated genuine antivirus software installed on it. Still for some reasons you are not able to open your document because of damaged .docx file, in such cases you can use Repair Word utility to fix a Word document that will not open.

The exclusive features of MS Word 2007 Repair Tool are as follows:

Easily fix all corrupted and severely damaged .docx files within a moment. Thus, the application can easily fix corrupted Word file with utmost ease. If your Microsoft Word application crashes due to some reason like sudden system shutdown, power failures, viruses then also this software helps you to fix Word document after crash with utmost ease. Using this superb application user can repair their DOCX file within few mouse clicks. Look at this website worddocumentrepair.net/docx to learn some more interesting facts about DOCX file repair tool.

This tool has the ability to scan and extract text from damaged and corrupted Word file that refuses to open. This software works efficiently with all the latest versions of MS Word such as 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. Thus, it can easily resolve all corruption issues of MS Word and fix .doc files. Not only this, but it is also compatible with all the versions of Windows Operating System such as Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 server, Windows 7 and Windows 2008. Moreover, due to its advanced algorithms it can efficiently fix corrupted Office 2010 files.

Follow the steps to fix Word 2007 are as follows:

Step 1: Download and install free demo version of MS Word 2007 Repair Tool.  Launch the software and then click on “BROWSE” and select your corrupted .docx file

Word Document Repair - Main screen

Step 2: Preview the repaired .docx file. Evaluate the recovery results in the preview browser once scanning is over. You can save your repair word file in desired location.

Word Document Repair - Preview the repaired document